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How to Prevent Slips and Falls for Seniors
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Sure I’m for helping the elderly. I’m going to be old myself some day. – Lillian Carter (in her 80s) Home Safety for the Elderly Yes, it is possible to fall while playing ping pong with your grandkids, but these scenarios are less likely to happen than... Read More

Leggo my Preggo! Expecting Mothers Speak on Back Pain
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Dear Preggo in Pain, Back pain is quite common in pregnancy with most women experiencing mild to moderate pain in the lower or upper back area in pregnancy. Usually, it just signifies that your baby is growing inside you. But in some rare occasions, it may indicate... Read More

The Benefits of Athletic Compression
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Whether at work or play, there are many benefits to using compression garments The secret ingredient is our friend the red blood cell. As our friend moves it’s way through the circulatory system, it replenishes the organs and muscles with oxygen to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. Improvement to... Read More

Flat Feet, Bunions & Heel Spurs, Oh My!
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Treat Your Feet, You Deserve It! You don’t have to tolerate foot pain – it’s a sign that something is wrong.   For those who are experiencing distracting, uncomfortable pain in the feet and ankles, you may want to consider browsing through AT Surgical’s Podiatry Line Catalogs to... Read More