A household name in durable medical equipment for forty years

Since 1974, AT Surgical of Holyoke, MA, has been a manufacturer of top quality soft orthopedic products using state-of-the-art materials and time-tested designs to ensure comfort across a broad spectrum of supportive and protective garments.

We specialize in manufacturing many hard to find medical supplies and orthopedic full body supports, all of which are constructed with careful attention for maximum comfort and support.


By manufacturing the majority of our products on-site in the USA, we’re able to keep our prices extremely competitive, while providing a complete range of top-quality medical braces and orthopedic supports.

Most of our products are designed with non-invasive soft materials, which provide the maximum possible comfort while still giving support to areas in need of a little extra TLC.

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RelaxMaternity Silver Belly Band

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Men’s Knee High Ribbed Compression Dress Socks (15-20mmhg)

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Reusable Incontinence Underpads

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